Summer Time Skincare at Selah Tucson

Summer Time Skincare at Selah Tucson

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My fellow Tucsonans– we have officially and most definitely had to embrace the summer scorch! But what does that mean for our SKIN?! Did you know our big, bright, beautiful sun is actually changing the structure of our skin cells? Let us get a little nerdy and share a few things…

In our crazy “dry” heat, hydrating and protecting our skin is THE most important component for a healthy and radiant complexion. With intense climate change our skin loses both water and natural oils (meaning it basically shrivels- sad!). Without moisture skin can become rough, tight, flaky and chapped. This can lead to wrinkles and lines appearing more prominently and often our skin can over-produce oil, causing breakouts and overall pore congestion. So how do we fight this dehydration?

1) Drink TONS of water! Your skin cells will plump up and will love you!

2) Use healthy and natural products for your daily skin care routine at home-especially products high in humectants! Humectants are the key ingredients in our products that keeps skin hydrated. More specifically, they attract and hold moisture to the skin like a magnet.  So, scientifically speaking they form hydrogen bonds with water molecules and increase the amount of water in the epidermis. Some natural examples of these magical ingredients are hyaluronic acid, aloe, algae and other marine extracts, honey, etc!

3) Receive regular profession skin care treatments.  While these treatments may feel like a luxury, balancing the pH of the skin, exfoliating, and hydrating are all necessary to the vitality and youthfulness of our skin.

Happy news! SELAH can equip you with exactly what you need for the season ahead. Let our aestheticians help you brave the summer by finding the right products for you AND treating you to some amazing services!

Check out our skincare menu, or contact us with any questions.


Cheers 🙂